Obama has won the presidential elections

The American Taliban will not rule America. Sanity has won. The insane and the delusional will now hopefully scurry back to their asylums.

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2 comments to Obama has won the presidential elections

  • Bart B. Van Bockstaele

    “His organizing skills were focused on improving the living conditions of poor communities across North America.”

    [sarcasm]What a horrible guy this Saul Alinsky was. Improving the living conditions of poor communities? How dare he! How insensitive![/sarcasm]

  • craig

    Ya what a great guy Obama is!
    Isn’t the controlled media the best for making us aware of this alleged Taliban take over?
    You should let people know that Obama is a follower of the teachings of Saul Alinsky.
    What about the Trillions of dollars that have been brought on the U.S. debt and the hundred plus trillion in unfunded liabilities?
    Obama is surely on his way of bankrupting the nation.
    Great stuff… that is if you are a globalist.

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